Editor interface

You need to differentiate between Sites and Pages on Flexbe. The interface editor consists of two panels:

Upper panel is used for navigation through the sites and pages.

Lower panel is used to edit the current page.

Upper panel

Upper panel settings are applied to the whole site.

In the Sites tab, you can switch between the existing sites or create new ones.

In the upper panel, you can manage Pages and view Leads: the number of unviewed leads is displayed above the Leads tab. You can also go to the site's Analytics and Settings. The Settings tab is a wide menu which contains domain settings, payment methods, options to connect integrations, enable notifications, or transfer site ownership.

On the right side of the upper panel, you can see the number of days left until the next payment. Go to Billing to see the payment term of the current plan, change your plan, select payment frequency and method, view invoices.

Help includes Support chart.

In the upper panel, you can also go to your Account, change Profile settings or Log out.

Lower panel

Lower panel settings are applied to the current page.

Use the lower panel to edit Popups (e.g. forms) or to select Fonts for various text types. You can change Page settings: page title, URL, enable common header and footer for all the pages, set up SEO (search engine optimization) and representation in social networks.

You can Save the applied changes on the right side of the lower panel.

View the Page history and go back to one of the previous page versions which have been saved over the last 30 days.

Turn on the Mobile view mode to see how your site will display on the mobile phone screens. That’s a show mode, therefore you cannot click buttons and links.

You can also turn on Preview mode to see how your site will display after publishing. Save changes before turning on the preview mode.

Editing your site content

The website editor has many features to customize the site's appearance.

Flexbe includes the section editor, the content zone editor and the element editor.

The section editor can change the number of columns/cards in the section, the background, or the order of sections, enable special features (A/B Testing, Dynamic Content Replacement, Dynamic Text Replacement, Geo Content Replacement), duplicate, hide and remove sections or save any section to favorites. Learn more about Section settings here.

To enter the content zone editor, mouse over the set of elements which make up the section. Content zones are framed in blue.

You can set the background and paddings, make vertical and horizontal alignment in the content zone editor.

Elements have individual settings. To enter the element editor, click on this element.

For example, you can specify Button text, style and color, set up an action on click and goals.





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