A pop-up is an overlay window that opens when users take a certain action on the site.

Pop-ups are used to:

— to submit forms
— to start quizzes
— to order products
— to say thank you
— to inform
— to show ads
— to get contacts
— to subscribe to newsletters
If you apply pop-ups wisely, they can become an indispensable tool to drive conversion or increase customers' loyalty. It’s best when pop-ups play a practical function and help users take actions that they really want to.
Pop-ups go perfectly with a number of actions on the site: when user click buttons, submit filled-out forms or complete a certain chain of actions, for example, finish taking a quiz.
There are no automatic (site-initiated) pop-ups on Flexbe. This type of pop-ups causes the most negative emotions in users.

What makes a pop-up

Title: it’s your main message Ask yourself what you want to say in the pop-up. This will be your title: “Place Order” or “Buy T-shirt”.
Body: it’s a form with empty fields and captions that provide information, brief and clear.
Call-to-action: it’s a button or link that users can click or follow  to download something. Determine what action you expect from your site’s visitors and use it in the button or link copy.
To comply with the laws on private data protection, you must add “I Agree to Privacy Policy” checkbox under each form. Signing up for your newsletter, visitors shall give their consent to your processing their data.

How to set pop-ups on Flexbe

You can add a pop-up to buttons, forms and quizzes on Flexbe.
To do that, go to a button settings and select Show pop-up as the Action on click.
Then click Select window.
Select a pop-up that suits your needs.
To set it up, click Edit. Here you can change its background image, font and color of the copy, padding and alignment.
Learn how to create and set up a thank you pop-up here.