Dynamic content replacement

Dynamic content replacement (DCR) means several versions of one page which changes depending on the user’s queries. It comes in handy if you are managing several advertising campaigns at a time or testing different section versions.

Dynamic content replacement is set up at the section level: you can configure several sections on one page. Create several versions of one section — visitors who enter different search queries will see different titles, photos or texts.

Enabling Dynamic content replacement

Let's consider the following example: You are placing a special offer “Get 15% off for orders over $50” on the start page. You also want to set up the second version of the start page with the offer “Delivery within 2 hours”. So you create two start pages with two different links. All the rest of the site content apart from this subtitle will remain the same.

To enable Dynamic content replacement, click the “…” button in the active section settings. Switch the toggle on. The DCR icon appears in the top left corner. Click on it.

The Default section version (“Get 15% off for orders over $50”) will be the first. It will display to the visitors who click cheeze.com in the search results page.

To add the second version of the section, click Add value and enter a word. For example, delivery. This word will be added to the main link — cheeze.com/?utm_term=delivery.

This way you'll be able to place advertising on two different URLs and track their conversion rates.

Now there are two versions of the section; you can add more versions or enable DCR option for other sections. Make sure to use Value names consistently when adding more sections to each page version.

When you disable DCR, the Default section version is saved for display onwards.





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