Adding a text element

There are five text elements: title, subtitle, text, quotation and animated text. You can style any word in the text editor which opens by clicking on the text element.

To add a new text element, click any ➕ icon in the section:

Select a suitable element type and add it to the section area.

Text formatting

To make text bold, select it and click B. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + B or ⌘ + B (macOS).

To make text italic, select it and click I. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + I or ⌘ + I (macOS).

To make text strikethrough, select it and click S.

To make text underlined, select it and click U. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl + U or 

⌘ + U (macOS).


To change the text color, select it and click the drop icon in the editor. It opens the modal where you can choose any color from the color picker.

Inserting a link

To insert a link to the text, select the required word and click the chain icon. By default the link opens in the same window, but you can check the box Open in new tab.

Text alignment

Text alignment is applied to the whole text element. It is impossible to align a separate line or paragraph within one element.

Font settings

In the Font settings you can customize font size, line height and font weight (letter thickness).


You can add an ordered  or unordered list.

Advanced options

Flexbe text editor has the following advanced options:

  • Clear Formatting is very handy when the text is copied from the Internet and you need to clear the previous formatting.

  • SEO Settings 
  • This option allows you to tag any text element as h1—h5 (headings 1—5) or div (block of content). Every element is tagged div by default so it's ignored by search engines. To help both your visitors and search engines understand your page content,  stick to the hierarchy principle: starting with h1 (title of your web page) and going down to h5 to structure the content.

The best practice is to use only first three heading levels:

    h1 as the page title,
    h2 as section headings,
    h3 as subsection heading

This setting is called Element tag for the Animated text settings.





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