Adding, duplicating and deleting pages


To add a new page, click on Pages, then click Add page.

Select a suitable page and you will automatically enter the page editor.


To duplicate a page, click Pages, then mouse over the required page and click the “…” button, then select Duplicate.

Click Choose site, to open the list of sites.

By default pages are duplicated within the current site, but you can also choose another site. To do that, select the site where you want to add the page duplicate, enter a new page title and URL, then click Duplicate.

After its duplication the page will open in the editor.


To delete a page, click Pages, then mouse over the required page, click the “…” button and select Delete. Confirm deleting.

The page will be deleted with no chance of restoration.

Note: it’s impossible to delete your home page. If the need arises, you should substitute the home page first.

To do that, click Set as homepage in the settings of another page.

Or click the “…” button, select SettingsPage URLSet as homepageSave.

In the Pages menu, the “new” homepage will automatically take the first place on the list. Now you can delete the previous homepage.




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