Background settings

There are three tabs in the Background settings

  • Color
  • Image
  • Video

To open Background settings, click on the drop icon in the top right corner. Here you can upload an image or video, change the color of the font and text.

To customize a background image, you can upload your photo or use the integrated Unsplash photo platform with free high-quality images.


You can set up section background color or change text color.


In the Image tab, you can upload images, change text color, add fading to the background and apply one of the background effects: fixed background, parallax with fading, zoom out, etc.
First, upload your own image or select one taken by professional photographers from the gallery. Flexbe is integrated with Unsplash stock photo platform which offers high-quality images on various topics. Click Gallery to open the photo library — no need to go to the Unsplash site.
Then set up the text color and image behavior on scroll by adjusting Fading and Overlay gradient. Note that Overlay gradient is disabled when you select Parallax with fading in the Background effects.
To add depth to your page, try out one of the Background effects. For example, to make your background seem infinite on scroll (the content will change but the image will remain the same), select an image, apply Fixed background in the Background effects menu. Then duplicate the whole section and change its content. This effect looks great with product cards.
Another exciting illusion it is to make some object levitate over your content. To achieve it, create two different images with the same object (in this case it's a watch) in the same place. Add each image to the background of two neighboring sections, select Fixed background in the Background effects and voila: our watch will hover over the page on scroll


You can upload videos through YouTube and Vimeo services or upload MP4 files.

Background videos aren’t played on mobile devices because they make sites load slowly and spend mobile Internet traffic. Such videos are cut off on small screens, the biggest part of the screen is filled with the content and the background videos aren't visible anyway.

To upload a background image for mobile devices, click Upload thumbnail in the Background settings. Upload the image which will display on mobile devices instead of the video.

Click Change position to see how the background image will display on mobile devices and to change the photo position.




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