Setting up header and footer

Header and footer are  special types of site sections. They have individual settings. You can create an individual header or footer for each page of your site or select the Enable common header and footer option in the Page settings.

Background settings

You can set the background color of the header and footer and their text style (if you haven’t styled the color of the text elements manually).

To customize the background color, click on the gear icon in the top right corner.

Header settings

You can customize every header element (see below) as well as enable the second row of elements in the header.

The header has an additional Fixed header option to make it stay at the top of your site while scrolling down.

Footer settings

For the footer, you can set up the number of columns, their alignment and spacing between them in the layout settings. Change the color of text and background in the background settings.

Element settings

After adding Header and Footer sections, you can change their content and settings of the elements or add new elements from the list. To do that, click the ➕ icon between the current elements or on the blank space and select an element from the list.

Some elements are described below — there are many more on the list.


If you click on the Logo element, a settings modal opens. Here you can upload your own logo, change its size, add a link or use Flexbe logo maker (learn more in the article “Logo maker”).


Hover over the Menu element and click the gear icon. In the open modal, you can change the menu items and add links. Click  Style to select the font size and effect on hover.

After adding a menu, you need to set up an action on click for each menu item.

To do this, click Settings and enter a URL in the empty field or select one of the following actions:

Select page — you need to choose any page of the current site;

Select section — you need to choose one of the sections on the current page;

Select pop-up — you need to choose a pop-up windows: forms, quizzes, products, “thank you” windows.

Social links

You can customize the links and icon style of the added Social links element.


Click the added button. In the settings modal, change text, style and color of the button, set up the action on click and goals.




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