Logo maker

Try out free Flexbe logo maker to create your logo. You can make a text logo or select an icon from the library. We have chosen options for various topics.

You can create a logo without leaving the page. Click Logo in the header template and select Logo maker.

You can also add a Logo element.

Fill out the empty fields:

Company name is a logo title.

Tagline is a slogan for the logo title.

Search to enter a key word and search for icons.

Fill out only those fields that you find necessary.

You can style the font of the company name and tagline. Color and size are customized for all the logo elements.

You can move the elements (image, title and slogan) around the logo maker window and order them the way you like. You can also use the switch buttons beneath to relocate the elements quickly.

Saving a logo

To download your logo in the PNG format, click Download in the bottom right corner of the modal window.

The logo is saved only in the place where you have edited it. To change other logos on your site, first download the logo and then uploaded it site-wide.

Flexbe logo maker is also available here.





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