“Thank you” pop-ups

A thank you pop-up opens when a visitor places an order or sends a form. It helps to confirm that an order is received.

A thank you pop-up usually contains:

Expression of gratitude. It’s the main function of the pop-up so it’s advisable to write “Thank you” in the title.

Confirmation of the action accuracy. Write that the order has been placed or the form has been submitted to assure the visitor that they did everything right.

Button. You can set up different actions for the button in the pop-up.


For example, thank your customer and offer to continue shopping.


How to set up a thank you pop-up

A thank you pop-up is set up in the button menu. Select Show pop-up from the Actions on click drop-down menu.

Then click on the Select window and go to “Thank you” window templates.

You can style the added pop-up by clicking on Edit in the button menu.

Change the message text, button settings, select a suitable icon from the integrated gallery.

You can also customize the window look by choosing its background, padding, alignment, etc.