A/B testing

A/B testing is an instrument of marketing research. During an A/B testing you can find out how changes to the site influence the visitors’ desired actions (submitted leads, purchases, sign-ups).

For example, you have two versions of a section which differ from each other a little: in design, presentation of the commercial offer, photos. You publish both versions to learn which one will receive more response from potential customers and save the successful version. There is no time limit for A/B testing: it is individual as you need to collect statistically valid data to get the whole picture.

Creating and running an A/B test

To create A/B tests, click the “…” button in the section settings. Switch the A/B testing toggle on.

A/B testing is set up at the section level. There can be several tests running on one page which are applied to various sections.

Select an appropriate option in the pop-up window.

If you select Copy current section, the B version will be created automatically and the A/B testing icon will display in the active section. If you select Create a new section, the B version will look the way you choose.

In the example below, the active B version is colored green. There is an A/B testing statistics icon next to it.

Remember to make changes of the B section version and save them on the platform. A/B testing is started automatically after its creation, i.e. once the changes have been saved, the incoming traffic will be divided into A and B groups.

Statistics of A/B testing

Click the A/B testing statistics icon to open the modal which displays:

  • the number of users in both groups
  • the number of leads in each version
  • the conversion rate of each version
  • the percentage of improvement/deterioration of the B version
  • You can pause or complete the testing.

    If you pause the testing, the B version won’t be shown to the visitors.

    If you resume the A/B test, new visitors will continue to be divided into groups and the statistics will be collected further.

    Completing a test

    To complete an A/B test, click the Complete button. The last step is to select the better performing version, the other one will be deleted.





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