Geo content replacement

Geo content replacement (GCR) means several versions of one section where the content changes depending on the user’s geographical location. You can change titles, images, texts, products — different versions of sections will be displayed to users from various places.

GCR is set up at the section level. You can set up several sections on one page.

Any user’s location is defined based on the IP-address and information from the Internet service providers therefore it can’t be one hundred percent exact.

Starting Geo content replacement

In the section settings, click the “…” button to enable Geo content replacement. The GCR icon will appear in the section top left corner.

Click the icon to open the settings. Select Add city and enter a city name into the field.

NOTE: visitors who don't come from the specified cities will see the Default section version.

Suppose you enter New York City. Now there are two versions of the current section:

Default — this version will display to the users from all the cities except for New York.

New York City — this version will display only to the users from New York.

If you need to remove a city, click on Х.

Disabling Geo content replacement

To disable Geo content replacement option, switch off the toggle in the section settings.

The selected cities and styled sections are saved automatically — you won’t have to create and edit them again.

When you disable GCR, the Default section is saved for display onwards.




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