Plans and billing

Flexbe is available after the prepaid subscription. Flexbe monthly plans:

Please note that the price of our Business plan changes depending on the selected number of websites: from 5 to 50 websites. Learn more here.


Flexbe account can be paid in rubles, US dollars and euros. The currency is chosen only before the first payment for your plan. It’s impossible to change the currency afterwards.

If you pay by card in another currency, the sending bank will convert the amount into the chosen currency. For example, if you choose US dollars and your card is in Mexican pesos, then your bank will convert Mexican pesos into the US dollar amount.


You can subscribe for 1 month or 1 year. A yearly subscription gives 20% discount.

Changing your plan

You can change your payment plan at any time. The number of days left is recalculated automatically according to the new conditions of the payment plan.

For example, you have 20 paid days left and decide to upgrade from Start to Business / 5 Websites. The number of days will halve and you will have 10 days left because Business / 5 Websites is twice as expensive.

You can change your payment plan in the Account settings — Plans.


Only the website owner can pay for the plan. Website members cannot pay the subscription.

Paying the plan for the first time, you can choose between “natural person” and “legal entity” types of payer. To change your payer type, contact the support service.

Dates of payment settlements:

Payments by bank card take up several minutes. Bank transfers from the company’s settlement account are made within 3 working days.

Paying for the plan, you are buying the license to use Flexbe platform for a defined period. The subscription is not refundable.




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