Responsive design

Responsive design provides appropriate display of your site on mobile phones and tablets.

By default responsive design is enabled. You can disable it in the site settings: Settings → General.

There are no separate settings for the mobile version.

Background videos aren’t played on mobile devices because they make sites load slowly and spend mobile internet traffic. Such videos are cut off on small screens. The content fills the biggest part of the screen and background videos aren’t visible anyway.

You can upload an image which will display on mobile devices instead of the video. To upload a background image for mobile devices, click Upload thumbnail in the Background settings.

There is a Device visibility mode in the settings of each element. To set it up, click on the “…” button in the top right corner of the required element.

Here you can select to display the element on all devices, on PCs only, on mobile devices only or to hide everywhere. This setting is applied only when the Responsive design is enabled.

Each section also has Device visibility mode. To set it up, click the “…” button in the top right corner.

To see how a section will look on the phone screen, click the Mobile preview button.

How to prevent images from being cut off on mobile devices

We recommend against using images with text because they are cut off on the mobile site version and visitors can see only part of the image.

Upload an image first, then add the Title and Text elements. In this case the design will adapt to the screen size and your pages will display correctly on different devices.

Texts incorporated into images are not indexed by web crawlers — your prospective customers won’t be able to find your site.

Moreover, it will be impossible to edit such text later. You will have to change the whole image.

Do not overload the first screen with text

The first screen should contain a call-to-action (CAT). Long texts are cut off on mobile devices perhaps even before reaching the CAT. Moreover, when there’s too much text, visitors can’t see the main points of the site.

Write a concise title that tells who you are and what you’re offering. Add a CAT, a couple of clarifying sentences. This will be enough.

You should design the first screen so that it can fit into one screen of Mobile view.




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