Adding a new section

To add a new section, click ➕ button at the bottom of any section. If it’s a blank page, the ➕ button will be in the center of the screen.

It opens the list of section templates. They are sorted out according to their function: header, forms, media and others. Select any section which suits best. Later you can change the section completely.

Section settings panel

In the top right corner of every section there is a small settings panel which includes: Layout settings, Background settings, Move arrows and Additional settings.

Layout settings

Layout settings are applied only to one section.

Depending on the content type, you can set up to display content as columns or cards.

In the Layout settings, you can specify the number of cards in a row and spacing between them, enable a section title or toggle on the full-screen mode for the current section.

Background settings

You can set up an individual background for each section. Use color overlay, images and videos as the section background.

As a background image you can upload your photo or use the integrated Unsplash stock photo platform with free high-quality shots.

There are some additional settings for background images: overlay gradient or fading as well as several animation effects. Additional options for videos include: uploading a thumbnail, fading, overlay gradient or parallax effect.

Move arrows

To change the section order, click the Move up or Move down arrows on the Section panel in the top right corner.

Additional settings

Click on the “…” button to see the drop-down menu. The set of icons at the top displays additional options to speed up and simplify the setup of sections.

Add to favorites — If you click on the star, the selected section is saved to the Favorites tab of the Add section menu.

Duplicate button adds a duplicate under the selected section.

Replace section is similar to adding a new section, but it replaces the selected section with a new one and deletes the first version.

Deleting a section

To delete a section, click on the trash can icon in the drop-down menu.

If you delete a section by accident, click the backward arrow button to restore it.

Creating an anchor link

Anchor is a link which takes to a specific section. For example, you want to take your customer right to the form or the catalog, although these sections are placed in the middle or even at the bottom of the page, so you add an anchor link to the desired section.

To create an anchor link, click the “…” button on the section panel, toggle on Anchor and enter the text. We’ve typed call. Then copy the link. It will look like this:




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