How Flexbe works

This article covers what Flexbe website builder consists of.

Control panel

Control panel is the main way to navigate between the settings. In other words, it’s the dashboard of Flexbe.

Upper panel is used for navigation. From here you can go to the list of sites or to other pages of your site, view leads and analytics, configure a site, or enter your profile.

Lower panel is used for the currently edited page. This panel displays only when you are editing a page of your website.

Here you can change fonts, configure pop-ups, go to page settings, switch to the adaptive design mode, view page history, undo your actions on the page, or go to the page preview.


A site can consist of many pages which are grouped under the same domain.

Four menu items on the upper panel (Pages, Leads, Analytics, Settings) work with the selected site. Use them to apply changes to the whole site.


Page is one of the site's components. A separate page can't have its own domain within one site.

If, apart from the main site, you want to create a single-page site on the subdomain or on a separate domain, then create a new site consisting of one page.

The number of pages on a site is unlimited.


A page consists of horizontal sections. Each section has its own structure, number of columns, and background.

You build a site from ready-made sections. Every section serves its own purpose: product cards, contacts, gallery, testimonials and others. To open a list of available sections, click the ➕ icon at the bottom of any section.

Select an appropriate section type from the open list.

A section consists of such elements as a title, an image, a button, a form and others. Use them to modify sections according to your needs. All section parts are elements.

Every section has its own grid. You can change content, style of content zones and elements as well as the number of cards in a row or the column width, but all the changes are limited by the available grid.

For example, there are three cards in Our team section and there is one column in Contact us. Each section has its own layout which determines the way you can add content.

Content zone

Content zone is a set of elements which make up a section. For example, a column, a product card, or a title area.

In the editing mode, content zones are outlined blue on hover.

You can set up the background, padding, vertical and horizontal alignment of any content zone.

When you delete a content zone, all the elements inside are deleted too.


Element is a minimum content unit.

To add an element, click the ➕ on the left side of the content zone.

In the open list of elements, select the one you need and add it to the page. All the elements are editable.

Elements are always positioned vertically. You can't add two elements to one line. For example, it’s impossible to add two buttons to one row or to position some text beside a button.

However, you can select Two buttons or Button with description.

Editing elements

Visual editing system allows to see the website changes instantly.

You can edit almost everything you see on the site page: add, remove or swap sections, edit content of these sections, configure content zones and elements.

To open the Editor of a particular element, just mouse over and click on the element you want to customize.

Text on Flexbe is edited right on the page. Mouse over the text or select any word to open the text editor.

Buttons, images, logos and other visual elements are styled in separate pop-ups. To open the element editor, mouse over it and click the settings symbol.

Working in the editor, you can instantly see how the site appearance changes. Your site in the editor looks the same way as your visitors will see it.




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