Products with variants

A product with variants means items of one product that have slight differences in size or color : a hoodie in black or white color or different sizes of the same pair of sneakers. This is where products with variants come in handy.

To set up different variants of one product, click Add option.

Any product can have a maximum of 100 variants. The number of variants is the multiplication result of all possible option values.

For example, a product has 3 options:

— 5 sizes

— 6 colors

— 3 fabric types

It makes 90 variants already. The editor won't let you add any more option values because the multiplication result will then exceed the limit of 100 variants.


Enter the name of an option to explain the difference between variants: color, size, material, pattern, etc.

Option type

There are two option types: List and Color. Variants in both option types are shown in the order they are added. To rearrange the variants, drag and drop them around the list. Variants in the Color option type are displayed together with the color swatches.

To change the swatch color, click on the circle and select the one you need in the color picker.

Show on site

Select the way product variants will be displayed on the site.

There are four ways to display the Color option in the card.

There are three ways to display the List option.

They're identical to the ways of Color display, just without the swatches.

Setting up images of product variants

There are two ways to display images of products with variants.

1. A common gallery of images for all product variants

When the Unique images for each variant toggle is turned off, all uploaded images appear as a common gallery for all product variants. They are displayed in the slider on the site.

In other words, all images you've already uploaded will be on display for each product variant on the site. However, you can assign a different main image for each variant.

For example, you've uploaded three images of hoodies in different colors and set up the Color option. The next step is to select a proper image for each product variant.

By default the first uploaded image is assigned as the main image for all product variant; this image is automatically shown first on the site. If you want to use different images for each variant, click on the variant and select a suitable image: a gray hoodie for the gray color variant and a purple hoodie for the purple color variant.

2. Unique images for each variant

When the Unique images for each variant toggle is turned on, the common gallery of images disappears. In this case, you need to upload suitable images for every product variant.

For each variant, you can enter its own price, quantity and SKU.

You can Disable any variant on the site if you don't need it at the moment: for example, if this variant has been sold out. This toggle is also useful if any combination of options doesn't exist. For example, black belts are made of leather, faux leather and suede but red belts only come in faux leather and suede.

Default variant is displayed first in the product card on the site. The default variant is marked with a tick in the product settings menu.