Setting up your online store

To set up an online store, go to the Settings the upper panel. On the sidebar the left you'll see the Store and Shipping tabs.


Cart and order 

The first toggle turns on the automatic opening of the cart when a customer adds their first product.

The second toggle turns on the minimum order amount: customers won't be able to place an order if the total order amount is less than the entered number. You can enter any minimum amount.

Product reserve

Reserving products means decreasing the stock quantity by the number of ordered product items. You can set up to reserve products automatically when orders are placed or fulfilled, or you can reserve products manually in the lead.

When a product is out of stock

Select what happens when any product is out of stock.

Product availability indication on site

Select the way the available and out-of-stock products will be displayed on the site.


In the Shipping tab, you can add and set up all the shipping methods you offer.

There are three shipping methods: In-store pickup, Courier service, and Another option to create your own variant.

You can set up several shipping methods.

In-store pickup

Fill in the method details such as the store hours and location. The Shipping cost and Free from fields are optional, you can leave them blank.

You can also add fields for the customers to enter any additional information.

Courier service 

This method has the same settings as the In-store pickup and two extra fields (Shipping address and Notes for courier).

Fill in the Description of these extra field and select their height (the number of lines).

Another option

This option includes the same set of fields as the first two shipping methods — you can add and combine them as you see fit.

To display available shipping methods, add the Shipping field to your order form in the cart.