Setting up the cart

If you haven't set up acceptance of payments yet, first read this article about accepting payments.

Adding the cart to your site

There're 4 ways to add the cart to a site:

— to add the Cart element in the header;

— to select Add to cart as the action on click in the button settings;

— to add any section template from the Products category;

— to add a Products pop-up window.

Setting up the cart to accept payments

To set up the cart, go to the Settings → Payments. Make sure that the payment method is enabled.

Once accepting payments has been enable, move on to setting up the cart itself.

Select Add to cart as the Action on click for every button.

Make sure to fill in the Send product information fields. This way Flexbe knows what product name and price to submit to the payment provider. After a customer has added all the desired products, they can click on the cart to see the chosen items.

Then go to the cart.

Click Edit.

Then click the gear icon and select Proceed to payment as the Action after sending. If this option isn't set up, leads will be created but the checkout process won't be complete. In the form menu you can also set up form fields and mark them as required.

Place a test order to check the cart setup.

Done! The checkout process is set up.

Setting up the cart look

To set up the cart icon, just click on it. To set up the cart pop-up window, click Edit.

Click on the order form to set up its fields and goals.

Removing the cart

To remove the cart from your site, you should replace Add to cart with Do nothing (or any other option) in the Action on click menu for all the buttons. To remove the cart element in the header, click on its trash icon.