Quiz is a multistep interactive form. It helps collect leads and contact information. A quiz serves as an inconspicuous marketing survey and allows to learn what customers think about your company. Quizzes also entertain the site’s visitors.

Creating a quiz

To create a quiz, click Add section and select Quiz.

A quiz can also start with any button on the site. The most suitable sections to create quizzes are found in the Forms tab.

You can also add a quiz to the Hero section. This way your quiz will start right on the first screen.

Or just add a new Button element to the place where you want to create a quiz.

In the Button settings, click Action on click and select Start quiz.

Click Edit to start editing.

When quiz branching is used

Quiz branching is when one question has multiple answer options and further questions are asked with regard to the previous answers.

First, let’s have a look at a quiz without branching where the questions are the same for everyone and follow each other.

Three questions are created in the specified order. All the visitors, who take this quiz, see and answer these three questions. The quiz looks like this:

Branching is useful if you want to learn more personal information in one quiz. For example, a school of foreign languages offers two languages: Spanish and German. Already at the quiz stage you can get to know which language a visitor wants to learn and ask questions based on the given answers.

If the visitor answers Spanish to the question “What language are you learning?”, then the next question is “What Spanish level are you interested in?”. And if the visitor answers German, 

the next question is “What German level are you interested in?”.

When you get a lead, you already know which language the visitor has chosen and what service to offer them.

Question types

There are two types of questions:

  •  Single-choice questions with one possible answer: Contacts, Name, Email, Phone, Text, File.

  • Multiple-choice questions with several possible answers: Select, Checkbox, Radio, Image.

Root questions

There are root questions in the quiz. They are called so because other questions start branching from them, as new stems branch from the root. They are also called first-level questions because visitors see these questions regardless of what answer options they choose. The root questions are marked green on the image.

You can add branching of the root question only to multiple-choice questions. If it’s a single-choice question, for example, Name or Phone, then you can’t add branching to such root questions.

In the example below, the What is your name? root question can’t be branched but the second level Name question can.


Quiz results are set up in the Results menu at the bottom. Learn how to add custom results for quizzes on Flexbe.





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