There are two types of forms on Flexbe:

  • open forms
  • pop-up forms

Open forms

An open form displays all the fields at once. Visitors can fill out these fields right on the site. There are required and optional fields, required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Pop-up forms 

A pop-up form is a modal window which opens by clicking the button.

How to set up a pop-up form

In the editor, click the element which will open a pop-up form. See the “Contact us” button below.

In the button menu, find Action on click. Select Show pop-up, then click Select window.

It opens the list of various pop-up templates. Select the template which suits your needs best.

Then you return to the previous window. Click Edit to add fields and change the pop-up style.

If there are several buttons on the page with the same pop-up window, then changes of the pop-up for one button will automatically apply to all others elements which use this pop-up.

Each button has its own settings. In the Button tab, you can enter some text, select button color, style and action on click.

The Goals tab is used to enter event IDs for goals in the analytics systems.

By default Flexbe submits 10 events:

add_to_cart — a product has been added to the cart

quiz_start — a quiz has started

form_open — a modal window is open (form)

product_show — a modal window is open (product description)

order_done — a modal window is open ("thank you" window)

modal_open — a modal window is open (another type)

modal_close — a modal window is closed

link_open — a link has been followed

file_load — a visitor has downloaded a file

You can use these events to create goals. To learn more, read how to connect Google Analytics.

Use Goals tab to set up an analytics system on your own. If you don't intend to set up goals manually, then leave these fields empty.

Every form or button settings modal has a Main goal field that contains an ID, for example, form_open or order_done. If you need the goal to trigger in Google Analytics, then create this goal with the same ID according to the instruction.

You can specify your own ID in the Goal ID field. The same goal ID should be created in Google Analytics (see the instruction above).

Custom HTML code of the goal is filled out when you use other analytics systems.




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