How to set up Google Analytics

Google Analytics starts operating, once you have received the Tracking ID and entered it on your site.

You can integrate Google Analytics in SettingsAnalytics.

The counter ID is found in your Google Analytics account. Go to Admin.

Then go to Property Settings.

Copy the Tracking Id.

Paste the copied ID into the Counter ID field in Google Analytics integration window.

Google Analytics starts operating right away.

Creating a goal in Google Analytics

The Main goal in the Goals tab of all the forms and buttons on Flexbe is set up by default. It’s an ID which triggers if the desired action (clicking a button, submitting a from, etc.) is performed from this form or button.

If you want a goal from the Main goal field to be reported in Google Analytics, then create it according to the instructions below.

1. Sign in to Google Analytics and go to the Admin tab in the bottom left corner.

2. Then go to Goals in the right column.

3. To create a goal, click the red +New Goal button.

4. Select Custom in Goal setup.

5. Enter the goal name and select its type.

6. Copy the ID in the Main goal field of your form or button on Flexbe and paste it to the Category field, then click Save.

The IDs in the Main goal field are the same for all the forms and buttons. To know which form or button the goal has triggered from, you can specify a unique identifier in the Goal ID field of the selected form or button. Specify the same identifier in your Google Analytics account as in the instructions above.

Managing goals in Google Analytics

Below there is a list of events which Flexbe sends to the analytics systems, if their goals have already been set up. 


order_done — A lead has been sent

pay_done — Successful payment


add_to_cart — A product has been added to the cart

quiz_start — A quiz has started

form_open — A modal window is open (form)

product_show — A modal window is open (product description)

order_done — A modal window is open (“thank you” window)

modal_open — A modal window is open (another type)

modal_close — A modal window is closed

link_open — A link has been followed

file_load — A visitor has downloaded a file

You can view the current Main goal in the form/button/quiz settings → Goals. You can also set an additional custom goal for a selected element in the Goad ID field.