Web hosting

Web hosting is posting your website on the Internet. Secure and reliable web hosting is included in every subscription plan.

Geography of data centers

Flexbe is using 8 independent data centers in  the USA, Europe, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan. Your site will be stored in the nearest to your audience data center. We provide uninterrupted operation of your sites: if one of the data centers is not available, we automatically switch your sites to another data center.


The web hosting capacity (i.e. the amount of files) is up to 50 GB, the bandwidth is not more than 1 TB per month, up to 150 visitors per second. An exception can be made, if you are planning a big advertising campaign. In this case, after the advance notice of the support service, we can increase the limit up to 1000 visitors per second.

Choosing a web hosting country

Websites operate faster due to the proximity of servers to the audience. If there are no Flexbe severs in your country yet, the closest server is automatically used. Select the suitable country in the SettingsGeneralLanguage & Region.





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