Verifying ownership

Some services request you to verify that own your domain.

There are two methods of verification:

  • a file to upload
  • a meta tag

Both methods are created by the service itself, but you verify your ownership on Flexbe: go to SettingsVerify ownership.

Meta tag

A service can ask you to add a meta tag (in other words a string of code) on the site. Doing this, you show the service that you have access to the initial site files.

Example of a meta tag:

Copy the code string and insert it onto your Flexbe website in SettingsVerify ownership.


The second method is to upload a file to the server. It is a text file with the name and extension specified by the service. In this case:

1. Copy the code offered by the service.

2. Create a text file on the computer.

3. Paste the copied code into the text file and save.

4. Upload the saved file on Flexbe: SettingsVerify ownership.




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