UTM builder

UTM parameters are additional parameters added to the page URL. They are used to identify traffic sources and marketing media for the analytics systems: where the users come from, which advertising campaigns referred them, which search queries were entered.

This information helps you analyze the effectiveness of different ad platforms and optimize your advertising budget.

There is a built-in UTM tag builder on Flexbe: AnalyticsUTM Builder.

Fill out the parameter fields and create various UTM parameters for various tasks.

UTM parameters

Traffic source: utm_source — Google, Twitter, Facebook and other sites which bring visitors

Medium: utm_medium — emails, cost per click, cost per impression, banners, retargeting and others.

Campaign name: utm_campaign — the name of your advertising campaign. You specify this parameter to differentiate one campaign from another.

Keyword: utm_term — the search words which a visitor came from.

Additional parameter: utm_content — It helps to differentiate ads within one campaign or links within one ad when all other parameters of these elements are the same. Add the utm_content parameter to track which specific content element was clicked.

There are only two required parameters in the UTM Builder: Traffic source and Medium. All the others are specified as you wish.





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