Uploading images to a site

There are some technical requirements to images you can upload to Flexbe sites.


File format: JPEG, PNG, GIF, SVG, WebP
File size: 15 MB maximum
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 px for section backgrounds
File format
You can upload images in the PNG and JPEG, GIF, SVG and WebP formats.
Flexbe automatically converts the original format of images into AVIF and WebP, modern formats that allow to reduce the site’s size by almost half without compromising its quality.
If a visitor’s browser doesn’t support AVIF or WebP, then original image formats are used automatically.
File size
The size of an uploaded image should not exceed 15 MB.
Flexbe automatically optimizes all uploaded images, once the original images are uploaded. When a visitor opens a site, Flexbe sends to the browser images of the optimum size and format with the quality that is selected in the SettingsGeneralImages. Here you can also set up the delayed loading technique and the look of placeholders for loading images.
You can turn off automatic optimization of a specific image with the Disable compression toggle in the image element menu. Then this image will be displayed with original quality. NOTE:  the bigger are image files, the longer it’ll take the site to load. If you have 10 images 15 MB each, the site’s load speed will decrease. It can lead to a higher bounce rate.

Image quality

We recommend uploading images in their original quality (without prior compression).

Image size

The size of images you add to the background should be 1920 x 1080 px. Images used in the sections can be smaller.
The figures under the image show a current size of the image container. To change the container size, drag any border around the image.
If you turn on the Resize toggle, the image will fill the element container. If the image proportions differ from those of its container, some part of the image will be hidden from view.
If you turn the Resize toggle off, the image will fit into the container. If the image has different proportions, there may appear blank space on each side of the image. In this case you can adjust the width or height of its container by dragging the container borders.

How to change image size

You can change proportions of any image using the Flexbe image editor or any in-built graphics editor software on your PC.
To open the Flexbe image editor, hover over the image in the element settings menu and click on the wand icon in the top right corner. Then select Resize and enter the required image width and height.
Windows: open your image in the Paint graphics editor, a free programer for Windows operating system. Select Resize and enter the required value in pixels.
Mac OS: open your image in the Preview program and select ToolsAdjust size.