Adding a table

You can add a table in two ways: 

1. Add an element. To do this, hover over the upper or lower border of the current element and click on the + icon.

Select Table on the list.

2. Add a section. To add a new section, click on the + icon under any section. If you are on a blank page, the + icon is in the center of the screen.

Select one of the ready-made table sections.

To add a row or a column, click + Add column in the top right corner or + Add row at the bottom. When you add a row/column, the previous one is copied.

Style of tables

To customize the look of a table, click on the gear icon and select Table style.

Here you can select Header settings and customize the color of the header and text, font size and weight, line spacing.


There’s an option to alternate the color of odd and even rows or columns. It helps to absorb information more easily; you can also style the table in your company’s colors.

To style the grid lines, select their type, color and thickness.

To style the table content, set up padding in cells, line spacing, and font size and weight.

You can also set up the way your table will display on mobile devices.