SSL certificate

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital website signature which is required to secure data transmission over the network. When your website is protected with SSL, your visitors see a padlock icon in the address bar and your site ranks higher on Google.

SSL certificates are included in all Flexbe subscription plans.

An SSL certificate is generally needed:

  • to rank higher in search engine results pages: websites with SSL certificates have more chances to get top of search rankings;
  • to use https:// protocol which encrypts the data transmitted between the users and Flexbe servers;
  • mobile network operators can embed their advertising on the sites without https://, an SSL certificate prevents it;
  • to protect your website;
  • to create trust with your visitors when they submit forms with their personal data.
  • All websites on Flexbe are protected with SSL certificates if the SSL certificate option is enabled in the domain settings.

    Flexbe automatically sets up SSL certificates for all the domains.

    After you’ve requested an SSL certificate, it will be available within 1 day. If a domain was recently set up, an SSL certificate will be enabled after the domain activation. Flexbe provides SSL certificates in cooperation with Let’s Encrypt certificate authority.

    Disabling an SSL certificate

    Your SSL certificate is enabled by default. If for any reason you need to disable the certificate, then go to the domain settings (SettingsDomain).

    Disable the SSL certificate option in the drop-dow menu.




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