To create a new site, click Sites, then click Create site in the top right corner.


To delete a site, go to the Sites tab. Click the “…” button and select Delete.

Enter the confirmation code and click Delete. The site will be permanently deleted with no chance to restore.

Note: it’s impossible to delete a single site. If a need arises, add a new page, click the “…” button and select Set as homepage. Now you can delete all the other pages to start building a new site.

Transferring ownership

To transfer site ownership, select the required site from the list, click the “…” button, then select Transfer ownership. Enter the email address where the site will be transferred to and click Confirm.

The new owner must confirm the transfer from their email which they will receive to the mail account. Once the transfer has been confirmed, you will no longer have access to the site.

The information regarding the site transfer status will appear on the transfer page. You can cancel the transfer by clicking Cancel.

Sites can be transferred only to a paid account.




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