Setting up product cards

To set up a product card, go to the section Settings and select the Card tab.


All product cards in one section have common settings — it's impossible to set up each card individually. Any change is applied to the whole section.

Card orientation

It sets up the card layout of the Products section. This is the Vertical orientation:

This is the Horizontal orientation:

The Card orientation setting is applied to the whole section.

Card elements


Here you can set up the padding and height of images or sliders.

You can also select the Action on hover: it's what happens when a user clicks on the image.


Select the font, color and padding of the product name.


Set up the way the product options are displayed

Add element

Click on the Add element to select more components for the product card: article, description, availability, price, button, button paired with price or availability, divider. The selected element is added to all product cards in the section.

To customize any card element, click on the Setting to its right.

To delete any card element, click on the trash icon to its right.

Base color

If you select Color, the card will be filled white.

Если выберите Без фона, карточка будет такого же цвета, как и фон секции.

If you select No background, the card will be transparent.

You can also set up padding, text color, effect on hover, etc. — everything that affects the look of the product cards.