Saving and preview

Saving a page

After you’ve made the required changes, the edited page should be saved. Click Save button in the top right corner of the screen, on the Page settings panel.

If you’ve made changes by accident, just refresh the page. The pop-up window will notify you about the unsaved changes. Select Refresh/Reload and the page will reload. You can also press Undo to return to editing and save the changes afterwards.

Page history

Flexbe saves the page history over the last 30 days. You can go back to the previous page versions by choosing the date of changes in the Page history.


The preview mode allows you to see the site through your visitor’s eyes, the way it looks outside the editor.

To enable Preview mode, save the applied changes and then click the eye icon on the Page settings panel.

To leave the Preview mode, click Back to editor in the top right corner.

Your can also click the Mobile view icon and preview how your site will look on mobile devices.




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