Built-in statistics in quizzes

Every quiz on Flexbe has a set of statistics data where you can view the conversion rate, number of views for each question, bounce rate and answer statistics.

To view statistics, go to the quiz editor.

The quiz editor allows creating questions and adding branching. The Statistics menu is also found here, in the top right corner.

There are two tabs in the Statistics menu: Conversion and Bounce rate. You can switch between the tabs. They actually represent the same data but the Conversion tab focuses on the percentage of visitors who answer the question and continue the quiz, and the Bounce rate tab shows the percentage of visitors who refuse to answer the question and close the quiz.

Each question has a more detailed set of data. Click the percentage to open the tab and view its Conversion and Bounce rates, Views and Answer statistics.

Using this data, you can figure out what questions cause the highest bounce rate and modify them. People often refuse to answer because some questions require to give too detailed or specific answers which they don't have yet.

For example, if you see that people are reluctant to give their contact information, perhaps, instead of asking directly for an email address, it would be better to offer a bonus: "Get a Free Full Guide".