To add a new product, click Add product.

You can group products into categories as you see fit. While adding a new product, select one or more categories that will contain this product. You can also add a new category right in the product settings if there is no suitable category yet.


If you want to hide any product on the site, change its visibility setting.


You can add some  images of a new product (from different angels or in different colors).


Enter the product price. You can also specify the old price: it's convenient, for example, if you set a product on sale. Comparison of the old and discounted prices may drive buying decisions.


You can enter a specific quantity of products; each time this quantity will be reduced by the number of purchased items. You can also turn the Unlimited toggle on. In this case the site's visitors will always see the product as available for purchase.


Here you can enter the article, ID or SKU of a product to track your stock.