Member roles

There are three member roles in the control panel: Admin, Editor and Manager

The account owner is by default the Admin of the websites created on the current account.

Select member’s roles in the account settings → Members tab.

You can assign only one role to any additional member, i.e. this member cannot be Editor 

of one site and Manager of another.

Admin has full access to all the settings. They can edit and create sites, work with leads 

and review analytics reports. The admin has access to all the account sites.

Editor has full access only to the specified sites, but cannot create new ones. They have 

access only to the site they were granted access to (not to all the sites of the account).

Manager has access only to view and process the leads, but cannot edit the sites.

Members of all access levels cannot delete sites, create new sites or transfer them 

to other users.

Adding a member

Enter your account’s Settings → select Members tab.

Click Add member.

Enter an email address of the member you are giving access to and select a role.

Once the access has been given, the added member appears in the Members tab.




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