Business email: Google Workspace

You can integrate Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to create and use email addresses of the following format:

Connect the service in the site SettingsBusiness Email

Once you have selected Google Workspace and clicked Enable, DNS records (MX and SPF) will set up automatically for your domain.

Setting up Google Workspace

NOTE: It Is a paid service  from $6 per user per month.
1. Sign up with Google Workspace.

2. Enter your company’s name, select the number of employees and your country.

3. Fill out the empty fields, your email address must be registered with Google.

4. Select Yes, I have one I can use.

5. Enter your domain name and click Next.

6. Enter your username and password.

Verifying domain

Now you need to verify your domain. Click Verify.
Then click Continue
Copy a TXT record.
Contact the Flexbe support team and ask them to upload the TXT record to the Verify Ownership menu. Once the TXT record is added, go back to the Google site.
Here click Verify my domain.
Once your domain is verified, you can create new users.
Adding new email accounts in Google Workspace
To add a new email account, click Create.
In the open window, click +Add another user.
Fill in the form fields.
Click Save user.
Congratulations on creating the first email box! Repeat the steps above to add as many users as you need.




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