To start selling online, go to the Products tab on the upper panel. All products can be grouped into categories to make their browsing on the site more convenient. First you create categories: bags, watches, belts, sneakers, lingerie — and then add different products to these categories.

Adding a category

To add a new category, click Add category to your left, name it and click Add. You can create an unlimited number of categories.

Hiding a category on the site

If you temporarily don't need some categories, for example, a product is out of stock at the moment or you're waiting for new arrivals, then turn the toggle Show category on site off to hide it from view.

Renaming a category

To change the name of any category, click on the dots icon to its right and select Settings. In the open window enter a new category name.

Deleting a category

To delete any category, click on the dots icon to its right. This action can't be reversed. If you aren't sure whether you'll need a category later, you can always hide it from the site instead of deleting.

Categories are listed in the order they are added. You can change the order of categories on the site by dragging and dropping them around the list.