How to create an awesome logo in the logo maker

If you are setting up on your own, take advantage of a logo maker to create your first logo. You can make a simple text logo, pick an icon from the icon library or combine text and graphics in a unique style. It’s a handy and free option to start with.

Learn how to create several types of logos with the Flexbe logo maker. Follow us on the way of designing 3 logos for a farmer's restaurant. We've tried out different approaches and chosen a unique emphasis for each variant.

Before you start

1. Enter your company's name.

2. Think of a tagline; if you don't have one, just write the type of your business: clothes store, restaurant, dry cleaners, hair saloon, etc.

Only organic foods

3. All the changes are instantly shown to the right. Click on the element and drag it around — two red lines prompt you how to center the element. Here we've placed all the logo elements in the center.

All the homework done, it's time to unleash your imagination. A good logo calls for a solution that is both strategic and creative at the same time. 

Variant #1: organic and eco-friendly

The first logo should emphasize that our products are super eco-friendly and organic. It should also convey an idea of a stylish restaurant with delicious food and prices above-average: neither fine nor casual dining. It's a trend to lead a healthy lifestyle today, so Green Cafe is jumping on the bandwagon.

We've used Lato font for the name and Bad Script for the tagline. It looks a bit strict but great.

The icon in the logo element is set by default. A chef's hat doesn't fit the conception of our cafe so we delete it and look for a better match for our vision. Enter a query into the search bar, and the logo maker will find some suitable icons.


We've chosen a hand picking some fruit from the tree. This symbol will easily fit in on business cards, plastic bags, banners, and on the company's site. It reminds of freshness and sunny days and it appeals to people of all ages.

 To make the icon bigger or smaller, just drag the corner of the blue frame.

Don't forget to center the icon after resizing.

Our logo will look its best in the ripe green color that associates with nature, foliage, organic products. To change the icon color, click on the color option above the image.

You can rearrange the composition of logo elements by choosing one of four possible arrangement patterns.

Variant #2: cheap and cheerful

The second logo for our farmer's restaurant should emphasize its simplicity and friendly atmo-sphere, suggest unsophisticated but tasty dishes of a family restaurant. We'll create this variant in warm colors that make diners feel snug and comfy.

We choose a jolly, upbeat font with rounded letters. Ribeye Marrow resembles handwriting of a kind-hearted farmer's wife, which makes it a perfect match.

We browse the icons labeled "food".


From all the icons we've picked a loaf of freshly-baked bread, smoking as if right from the oven — can you feel your mouth watering?

The tagline doesn't go well with this image, we can do without it. At least in this case, the logo without a tagline looks more harmonious.

This is our final choice. By the way, if you want to move the icon just a tiny bit, then click it with the mouse and use arrow buttons on the keyboard to move it around.

Variant #3: pricey and posh

The third variant of our logo will show our restaurant in a totally different light. Delicious, low-calorie dishes, small portions, a genius of a chef, luxurious interiors, floor-to-ceiling windows.

We've picked the font called JULIUS SANS ONE: it looks elegant and not too elaborate, evokes the feeling of space and light.

The image should be exquisite so we enter "wine" into the search bar — long-stemmed wine glasses look aristocratic and evoke the images of glamorous lifestyle.


We choose an icon with a wine glass and a loaf of bread and place it behind the restaurant name.

To make the icon stand out and avoid its merging with the text, let's change its color to gray.

Our logo is ready! Let your imagination run wild while creating a logo: sometimes the solution doesn't come right away, and even a few tiny details can change the mood of the final result.

Saving a logo

When everything is ready, you can download a PNG file with your logo by clicking Download.