How to create a food delivery site on Flexbe

Learn how to build fast a site for food delivery services. Flexbe offers a diverse range of features you need to create a site within several hours, even if you have never done this before.

A template of a food delivery site

Kick-start with the ready-made template of a delivery site. Then you will only need to add your own content.

If you want to change the designs, just browse numerous templates of sections and cherry-pick those that will work best for your business.

Thanks to the visual editor all the changes you make are instantly applied. Click any image or copy chunk to edit them.

Delivery menu

The cornerstone of your delivery site is surely the food. Any section from the Products templates can be turned into a menu.

You can edit each card separately or design one card and apply its settings to all the cards in this section. Upload your images, add descriptions and set up buttons.

Add tabs into the menu: it will save space and make browsing a breeze.

To add a tab, go to the Layout settings and turn the Tabs toggle on.

Set them up to for your needs.


Every button on the page is set up separately. You can choose what happens when customers click on the card button – adding to cart, downloading a file, making a call, etc.

To enable adding products to the cart, go to the button settings and choose Add to cart among the actions on click. You can customize the button text, style and color in the same menu.

Note that the Send product information field shows the dish name that is sent to the cart. Customers see the selected dishes in the cart during the checkout process.

Fill in the dish name and price in the Send product information fields. If you want the cart item names to differ from the card titles (be shorter, contain SKU, etc.),  enter the desired values.

Click the cart icon to customize it. To set up the cart itself, click Edit.

To set up the form fields and goals, click on the form.

Shipping methods

You can offer several shipping methods at the checkout. To add a shipping method, go to Settings Online Store.

Select a shipping method.

Specify the name and shipping cost, free from value, and add any required fields for each shipping method.

Make sure that your order form contains the Shipping field.


You can accept payments for orders right on the site.

To do that, select Proceed to payment as the Action after sending.

Tracking leads

Leads are found in the top menu. All the orders are captured here.

A lead looks like this:


To keep up to date with incoming leads and manage orders seamlessly, set up the receiving of notifications through emails.

To enable them, go to Settings Notifications.

Two email marketing services are integrated with Flexbe: UniSender and GetResponse. Use them to make lists of your customers and set up email campaigns.

Mobile version of the site

Your site's version for mobile devices is created automatically.

Take your business online

Create a food delivery site within several hours, even if you have never done it before.

Try Flexbe free for 14 days. Create your site and play around with all the available features.