5 Flexbe features that make site building a breeze

1. Full-screen mode

There is a Full-screen mode option on Flexbe. It is when one section takes up the whole screen and its height adapts to different viewports.

To turn this option on, click Layout settings and enable the Full-screen mode.

When the Full-screen mode is on, the background image doesn't get cut off.

If you switch this option off, the section height will depend on the content size and specified indents.

2. Fix elements to bottom

There is a Fix to bottom option that you can apply:

— to product cards

— to columns

– to such elements as Button, Two buttons and Button with description

– to Author and Icon with description elements

For example, when product descriptions in the cards contain different amounts of text, the buttons end up at different levels.

To make buttons stay in line, click on the “…” icon of the button element.

Turn the Fix to bottom toggle on.

Now the buttons will stay at the same level even if the text chunks differ in size.

This comes particularly in handy for product cards.

3. Adding sections to Favorites

You can add a section to Favorites:

— if you want to duplicate any section on several pages;

– if you want to duplicate any section on a long-scroll site.

To add any section to Favorites, click on the “…” in the top right corner of a respective section and click the star icon.

Then go to the point where you want to paste the copied section, click the “+” button under the previous section. If it is a blank page, the “+” button will be in the screen center.

In the open menu of section templates, go to the Favorites tab and choose the required section.

4. Slider mode

The Slider mode option is a neat solution for sections with product cards.

If there are several product cards in the section, on mobile devices all the cards will go one after another. It means scrolling down ten–twenty cards which is likely to increase the bounce rate.

In the Slider mode, all the cards are united into the slider so they perfectly fit into one screen.

This feature is useful not only on mobile devices but also on PCs: it's more convenient to display several rows of cards in the slider mode on a single screen.

To turn the Slider mode on, go to the Layout settings, enable the toggle and click on the Settings.

Here select the devices that will display the slider in Enable on devices.

You can choose:

– All devices

– PC only

– Mobile devices only

5. Card settings

In any section, you can change the number of columns that contain elements.

For example, you add a section with product cards. There are three cards in a row, and you want more or fewer cards. Go to the Layout settings and select from one to five cards.

You can choose the vertical orientation of cards.

Cards can be oriented horizontally as well.